Crowning Star SAL Week 6 Replay + Recap

crowningstar crowningstarsal Apr 02, 2023
Crowning Star sewalong week 6 replay

Whooooa Week 6 of the Crowning Star Sewalong is heeeeere!

Follow along to see how to arrange and assemble your blocks and setting blocks into rows to make your quilt top! 

If you don't have the coloring page yet, which shows this layout, then go ahead and sign up for the Crowning Star sewalong and one will be sent to your email for you to print and have fun with! 

Click here to join the sewalong.  


Curious on how to remove your glue basted papers?! And which ones you need to keep in while still sewing your blocks together?

I'll show you how to in the video below and what happens when you use too much glue! And what happens when you get a little too excited and end up sewing through the edge of your papers. Oops. 😂

Grab my favorite tool to remove papers HERE.

Next week we'll have a Q and A week to get caught up and if you have any general EPP questions too, feel free to join us live! 

Happy seeeewing! 

New to the Crowning Star Sewalong? 

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Did you know you can get papers for individual blocks? This way you can sample the Crowning Star before committing to a full sized quilt..or if you're a fan of mug rugs like me, then a block or two might just be what you want! Check out the Crowning Star options in the shop HERE

Looking for fabric bundles? Check out the blog post:


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