Crowning Star SAL Week 4 Replay + Recap

Crowning Star Sewalong Week 4 replay

 Hellllooo and welcome to Week 4 of the Crowning Star Sewalong! 

This week we covered the TRIANGLE STAR unit of the Crowning Star, with the F, G and H templates. 

The Triangle Star unit is part of the setting triangles that go in between the Crowning Star blocks. There are six of these blocks in the quilt layout that highlight a secondary star shape once assembled together as a quilt top. 

If you don't have the coloring page yet, which shows this layout, then go ahead and sign up for the Crowning Star sewalong and one will be sent to your email for you to print and have fun with! 

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The video shows the basting directions for Templates F, G and H. I tested different order to keep the little tails/dog ears in check when assembling the quilt and found that these basting orders made most sense. 

Pay close attention to template G!

You need to mirror/reverse half of the G templates! 

Oh yeah, in case you missed it, pay close attention to template G! 😄

For those of you that found that there's a gap between your Crowning Star Edge pieces (Template E) after you've sewn them on and need to connect the joining sides, I cover that in this video! 

And with St. Patrick's Day around the corner, the Lucky Charm Clover templates have been quite popular and I got questions on how to assemble the Lucky Charm Edge templates. That's covered towards the end if you're curious and would like to know as well! 

For next week, you can either keep on making the Crowning Star blocks or switch it out for a week and get started on your Triangle Star blocks! They come together really fast and are super fun to make! 

Happy sewing!  

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Did you know you can get papers for individual blocks? This way you can sample the Crowning Star before committing to a full sized quilt..or if you're a fan of mug rugs like me, then a block or two might just be what you want! Check out the Crowning Star options in the shop HERE

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