Crowning Star SAL Week 3 Replay + Recap

Crowning Star sewalong week 3 replay

 Crowning Star Sewalong Week 3!

Aaaah, it's going by so fast! And, remember my block last week where the lime green was kind of taking over the whole block? Yeah, I had to do something and ended up practically putting my seam ripper to work to undo the whole dang thing! 

Yes! If you try some fabrics and kinda feel meh about them, switch them out! Don't feel like you have to keep on going just for the sake of keeping on...because after all, if you're not enjoying working with the fabric combo you've selected, then you're more than likely not going to really feel like working on it for much longer. And yes, I'm speaking from experience here! 😝

Basically, it's all a permission to either go shopping for more fabric (hahaha!) or shop in your own stash to select a new combination! 

Ok, onward and forward and progress galore! 

So I switched out the solid green, because it was just....too solid....🤣.... it needed something and the one with tinypolkaa dots that I ended up replacing it with, made me much happier. It still reads as a solid but it's got some more depth to it. 

We're continuing to make more Crowning Star blocks this week and main thing I covered during the live was how to assemble the D and E pieces into units to sew onto the center "crown" units with the A, B and C pieces. 

 Keep on making your beautiful blocks and I'll see you inside the FB group! 

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Did you know you can get papers for individual blocks? This way you can sample the Crowning Star before committing to a full sized quilt..or if you're a fan of mug rugs like me, then a block or two might just be what you want! Check out the Crowning Star options in the shop HERE

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