Which Dilly Flower should you get?

As we're getting ready for the second annual Dilly Flower Hexagon sewalong starting February 21, 2024 here's a blog post to help you narrow down which size to get and how to choose from the paper packs, acrylic templates and digital downloads! 

Let's start with the paper templates and acrylics, and then the PDF versions! 

Alright, let's dive in!

A great way to get started is by getting the complete bundle, which includes papers to make 20 Dilly Flowers and 20 Dilly Edges, a large pack of setting diamonds and triangles, 2pc Dilly Flower Acrylic template set, Dilly Edge Acrylic, and the 4-in-1 Setting Diamond Acrylic template.

You can reuse the papers multiple times so you can make a big quilt if you'd like or smaller projects too! 

The drop down menu will ask you to pick your bundle with your choice of acrylic templates with 1/4" seam allowance, 3/8" seam allowance, 1/4" window templates, and 3/8" window templates.

**Please note that the 4-in-1 Setting Diamond Acrylic Template is NOT available as a window template, so if you choose the 1/4" or 3/8" window templates, then ONLY the Dilly flower petal, hexagon and edge will be cut as window templates. 

Get the complete bundles here: 


Right now there are 4 sizes of Dilly flowers and Dilly edges available as precut paper templates and acrylics for you to choose from:

1. 1/2" (color code: blue in the shop)

2. 3/4" (color code: aqua in the shop)

3. 1" (color code: pink in the shop)

4. 1-1/2" (color code: yellow in the shop)


Step 1, which size Dilly Flower would you like to make?

1. 1/2"

2. 3/4"

3. 1"

4. 1-1/2"


Step 2, would you like to make just Dilly Flowers or Dilly Flower Hexagons with the Dilly Edges?

1. Just Dilly Flowers - Go to Step 3 if you just want Dilly Flowers

2. Dilly Flower Hexagons with the Dilly Edges - Go to Step 4 if you want to make Dilly Flower Hexagons (Dilly Flowers and Dilly Edges)


Step 3 - Dilly Flowers only : 


Step 4 - Dilly Flowers and Dilly Edge (makes Dilly Flower Hexagons): 

1/2" Dilly Flower + Dilly Edge

3/4" Dilly Flower + Dilly Edge

 1" Dilly Flower + Dilly Edge

1-1/2" Dilly Flower + Dilly Edge


Step 5  - Want to make a quilt with straight edges or play with the different layouts by adding setting diamonds between the Dilly Flower Hexagons? Then you'll want the SETTING DIAMONDS AND TRIANGLE papers: 


Now if you prefer to print and cut yourself, here are the PDF templates options, and I'll add the acrylic template options here too in case you'd like to have them for fussy cutting and tracing your fabric pieces!

Click here for Dilly Flower PDF templates with Dilly Flowers in 3 sizes + coloring pages

Click here for Dilly Edge PDF templates with DIlly Edges in 3 sizes + coloring pages

Click here for Setting Diamonds and Triangles PDF templates 

 with setting diamonds and triangles for the 1/2", 3/4", and 1" Dilly Flower Hexagons


Update: This code has now expired. Thank you for participating in the Dilly Flower SAL!

Oooh lookie, you made it all the way to the bottom! Yay! 

Good thing too, because you can use the coupon DILLYSAL to get coloring pages for free in preparation for the sewalong in my shop HERE. 😃 

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