Best Year Ever....2020?

Well, that's what I am projecting as far as gaining clarity on what the heck it is that I want to focus on and do more of. Sounds vague? Makes sense since I haven't really shared much lately due to having my head buried in courses! You guys, I've been seriously deep diving into learning so much this year and I could not be happier. Having felt so lost for soooo long meant that I was feeling wishy washy about this and that and not really feeling like I had any type of purpose. But, now I do and that feeling is overwhelming. So much to do, so little time! But I hope you'll be patient with me as I am still in the setting up stage and will definitely be sharing more as I go. Oh, and learning new tech....eeek, so fun and exciting as well. Ok, I'm gonna go and finish a couple things so I can share more with you soon. 

Until then, I hope you've all had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday!

xx, elise 

ps. did you know we had a snowy Thanksgiving here? So crazy, but so pretty watching the big cotton ball sized snowflakes while cooking! 


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