Star Blossom Sew Along Week 4 Replay

Paper removing time!

Let’s go over how trim your seam allowance to turn your blocks into mugrugs and batting choices! If you’ve been following along with the sew along you should have one block done by now that’s ready to have its papers removed!

Batting and backing fabric requirements for the three sizes: 

Small - 12" squares

Medium - 17" squares

Large - 22" squares

These measurements will give you wiggle room so you don't have to worry about the batting or backing fabric being too small for your blocks! 

For smaller, individual projects I love to use fusible fleece from Pellon, which is 100% polyester. 

If you don't want to use fusible fleece or polyester batting, go ahead and use your favorite quilt batting! I mention Warm and White in the video here, but you can also use Warm and Natural. Both are 100% cotton and the only difference is that the white batting is white-white, whereas the natural batting is off white/cream in color. 

So since I am using white on the edge pieces of my Medium size block, I'd much prefer to use Warm and White or the fusible fleece so that there is no shadowing on the white fabric from the natural colored, cream batting. 

If you're using colored fabrics where the color of the batting won't show through, then you don't have to worry about this! Great way to test whether or not the color will come through is by simply placing a piece of your block fabric on your choice of batting and checking that the color isn't off. :) 


I'm a fan of using 2.25" wide strips folded in half for small projects because it doesn't make the amount you fold away huge. If you however like to use 2.5" wide strips folded in half, that's ok too! Plus, if you've got scraps of binding strips left over from your other quilting projects, this is a great time to use them up too! Scrappy happy, right? :) 

Binding strip requirements:

Small - 34" + 5" = 39" x 2.25"W binding strip

Medium - 48" + 5" = 53" x 2.25"W binding strip

Large - 65"+ 5"= 70" x 2.25"W binding strip


For paper pieces and acrylic templates: 

For PDF and SVG templates: 

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