Star Blossom Sew Along Week 3 Replay

We’re here for Week 3 of the Star Blossom sew along!

If you’ve been following along since we started a couple of weeks ago, you should have a Star Blossom block started and the center A templates sewn together with the B petal templates.

This week I’ll show you how to add the “leaf” A templates to the block you’ve been working on along with the edge templates and share some tips and tricks. :)

Want to join the fun?  

Just grab the paper pieces and acrylic templates…or if you prefer digital downloads, the pdf or svg templates in my shop!

For paper pieces and acrylic templates, please head here: 

For PDF and SVG templates, please had here: 

To stay connected as we’re progressing through the sew along and to share your progress with other EPP enthusiasts, please join my free Facebook group, The English Paper Piecing Society with over 38k members!


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