On the go sewing kit reveal...well, not so much on the go lately!

aurifil aurifilartisan sew organized sewing kit Jan 26, 2021
sewing kit bag

This sewing kit bag has been my go to while sewing on the go simply because I was able to fit everything I needed in there...plus it has this handy dandy handle to hold it by. (oh and look at that twin flower action by my November cactus...it started blooming late but is still going strong with new blooms popping open daily!) 

Sewing on the go lately has simply been from one room to the other...from my computer desk while on zoom, to the dining table while checking out a fun show, to the floor while tossing a toy around for my dogs to fetch and back to the computer desk. At least I've been moving around a little while sewing so I count it as a good thing! Yes, walking from one room to the other counts towards your total step count. (according to my step counter ha!) 

So I don't know about you, but I'm always curious to know what people have in their sewing kit bags! Maybe there is something I should consider keeping in my sewing kit too....or a new tool I've never seen or "need" to try out. You know what I mean right? Ok...let's get into the goodies! 

 Yep. Allllll of this fits inside my "go to" sewing kit. I see this and think, do I really need it all with me at all times? And the obvious answer is, absolutely! It's like my Mary Poppins bag of sewing essentials and even looking at this I realize I forgot to get my paper removing tool (from glue basting EPP) and my needle minder. Oops, can't remember where I left them. Must be hiding under my piles of projects on my desk somewhere. (Marie Kondo would have a fit if she saw my creative space. Does it bring you joy Elise? Why yes, yes it does!)

I like to carry a variety of thread with me, but don't have small spools of every color like the white Aurifil spool you see here. So I got some clear bobbins and wound some neutral colored threads on them for carrying around. Takes less space and I can keep more colors with me in my bag! Woohoo! Aurifil on the go for the win! :) 

Ok, I'm off to sew a little, but before I sign off, let me know if there is a tool/notion on here that you're curious about and I'll make sure to cover it more in detail!

Happy sewing kit organizing! 








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