What's in a name?

Ooooh the agony of deciding on a name! 

Yup, so much agony that it required its own dedicated blog post! Haha! 

I know, right? Well, a couple of months back when I was trying to settle on a name I asked those of you that get my FIN (fabulously irregular newsletter 🤪) and in my FB group, the English Paper Piecing Society. 

And I got soooo many wonderful suggestions and responses! The names that really stood out to me though were Crowning Star, and Crown Star. And like any indecisive creative out there, I decided I'd let you all vote on which one was your favorite. 

Then somebody mentioned crowning reminded them of child birth. Aaaah, yeah. Now that had me thinking. And to be honest, that never even occured to me! But funny thing is that a majority still preferred Crowning Star over Crown Star. 

I know, go figure, right? 

So just to get the feel for what my fellow quilt pattern designers' thoughts were, I asked them in a group and Laura Strickland @wickedquilter had the most wonderful reply that was just beautiful. And it gave me the clarity to decide on the name too. Cue angels singing here! 😇 👼 🎶

Oh yes, let me share what gave me clarity!

Here's what Laura wrote: 

"For all of us, working on a quilt is giving life to our fabric stash. 

It is a labor of love. 

It is also a traditional women's art form.

We are creative. 

Creative as women bringing in the next generation and creative as makers bestowing beauty and design on a utilitarian object. 

Crowning Star embraces both of these ideas. 

It is a beautiful name and speaks of such a deeper and important meaning."







Say hello to the CROWNING STAR EPP Quilt! 

Aaaaaaah, feels so good to share this finally! And a big thank you to Laura! Please go give her a follow on Instagram HERE.

And now that we've got a name, woohooo, the templates will be posted in the shop this weekend! 

For now they'll be posted in my Etsy shop over the weekend February 11-12, 2023 as I'm still working on setting up my Shopify shop and we had to move a few things around on our schedule. I'll be sure to announce when that project is ready to launch with some type of "new shop grand opening" party. 🥳

If you're not on my email list, you can SIGN UP HERE so you don't miss when the templates are LIVE in my shop! 

I can't wait to kick off the Crowning Star sewalong!

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