Mother's Day projects for all the fur baby mamas!

Hexagon mug rug project for Mother's Day

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Yep, you read that right! If you know a fur baby mama and/or grandmama, it's time to get your fun on! 🥳

You might think that fur babies 🐶 🐱don't count for celebrating Mother's Day, but I say fur babies totally count, especially when there's a fun project or two you can make! (like we need an excuse to have some crafty fun, right? 😆 )

Fat Quarter Shop carries these super fun printable fabric sheets, which until they mentioned it to me, I'd been totally unaware of. *gasp* 😱 I know! Talk about missing out all this time! 

So you can imagine my excitement when Fat Quarter Shop reached out and asked if I'd like to give these a go! Uhmmm, yes please!

This is what the product looks like:

It's called EQ Printables and there are 6 sheets per pack to play with. You can find them at Fat Quarter Shop HERE.

Now, make sure you have an inkjet printer to use with these, because they won't work with laser printers. Ink jet printers are pretty inexpensive nowadays and I printed mine on the HP Envy Photo 6255. The reason I chose this printer is because it prints borderless prints, meaning you can print out pages that are fully covered from edge to edge. (like the photo print out in the image below)

I had the option of subscribing to HP Instant Ink  when I got this printer, and oh boy, I'm so glad I did, because that came in really handy making alllllllll the color prints and playing with different photos for the projects I made! 

Ok, back to the projects! 

So of course I had to print everything I could think of, starting with some photos on my camera roll. *cough* Who's got a gazillion photos on their phone? 🙋🏻‍♀️

One of the photos I tried to give these printable fabric sheets a test was this one: 

Ooooh it looks familiar, right? Yeah, you might have seen these May Blossoms on my Instagram feed or Facebook or website. 🤪

Wow, the colors are pretty awesome, wouldn't you agree? I was mighty surprised by how my printer would be able to print this quality on fabric! Hooray! 

After you print your fabric sheet, you have to let it dry. And once the ink is dry, you remove the plastic backing sheet and dunk the whole thing in water. 💦

After it's been dunked you take it out and let it dry flat. I placed mine on a tea towel to soak up the moisture. These sheets dry pretty fast! 

This was just one of the many sheets I played with, because it was so fun and honestly, I kinda wanted to print everything on my camera roll! 😂 

But, I had to restrain myself and scroll through to find some cute photos of my two little devils...uhm, use for my projects! 

I decided on these two photos: 


and Max

I printed these two photos as is at first, but wasn't crazy about the dark backgrounds....dilemma, dilemma, right? You're probably thinking you need a program like Photoshop to help remove the background. Nope! Canva does it too and it's super easy to use! You literally just bring in your photo and click on "edit image" and select BG remover (background remover). And then you end up with something like this! 

Just the boys with no dark, distracting backgrounds. Bada bing, bada boom! Let's keep on going! 

Now that I had clean photos of my boys I could start playing around with placing their sweet little faces inside hexagon shapes! And to add some variation I added some hexagons with text. "Dog mom" and "You had me at woof" hehehe. The dog mom clip art was available on Canva and the "You had me at woof" quote I saw on Pinterest. 

There's a color picker in Canva as well that you can use to pick out any colors from your photos, so I chose the blue from Doogies sweater to fill the hexagons. Matchy matchy! 

 After playing with this layout it was just a matter of saving it as a JPEG and then printing it out on the fabric sheets! Here's the fabric sheet after being printed, dried and dunked in water before being dried again. 

Awwwww, my little boys on fabric! Sewwww cute! 😍 Next I cut these hexies out and basted them around paper templates. Aaaaaand couldn't resist making some fabric buttons too while at it! 

Now I was going to use a layer cake to fill the edges of my hexagon mug rug, but thought, why not print those too!!!!! So that's what I did! 

I printed out this tiny flower print (the original size was much bigger but I went in and adjusted the size cuz' I like tiny flower prints. And when you can print what you want, why not? 

Then it was just a matter of letting it dry, dunk in water and dry again. Got my edge templates ready and went at it! Chop, chop, glue, baste, glue, baste. And ta da!! A hexagon mug rug with my little rascals! Now I can sip my coffee while watching them on my mug rug as they're snoozing away next to me. Win win! And I'll be putting the buttons on my purse or put magnets on the to used as decoration on my fridge!

Now, don't you think all the fur baby mamas and grandmas would love this? You can get the pre cut hexagon mug rug templates or the PDF version in my shop HERE and watch the Hexagon Mug Rug Workshop on my Youtube Channel HERE where we make a hexagon mug rug together from start to finish! 

I hope you've been inspired to make something fun for the fur baby mamas and grandmas in your circle of friends and family! 

xx, elise 




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