Fabric requirements for the Linnéa Quilt!


The Linnéa Quilt sew along fabric requirements

👉 A 3/8" seam allowance has been included in the fabric requirements. 

👉 Fabric width 42" 


1. Linnéa Petal: 1 yard x 42" --> subcut into (15) 2-1/4" strips

2. Linnéa Cone: 2/3 yard x 42" --> subcut into (6) 3-1/4" strips

3. Linnéa Pie: 1/3 yard x 42" --> subcut into (6) 2" strips

4. Linnéa Circle: 1/4 yard x 42" --> subcut into (2) 3-1/4" strips

5. Linnéa Edge: 1-1/3 yard x 42" --> subcut into (17) 2-3/4" strips *♡

6. Linnéa Edge 2: 1-1/4 yard x 42" --> subcut into (17) 2-1/2" strips *♡

7. Linnéa 1/4 and 1/2 Setting Diamond: 1/4 yard x 42" --> subcut into (3) 2-1/2" strips *♡

8. Linnéa Borders: 1 yard x 42" --> subcut into (6) 5-1/2" strips


* If you want to use the same fabric for both the Edge pieces and the setting diamond pieces, you'll need 3 yards total. 

If you want to use the same fabric for both the Edge pieces, setting diamond pieces as well as the 5" borders, you'll need 4 yards total. 


If you're making scrappy Linnéa flowers, fussy cut Linnéa flowers, then scrap the overall fabric requirements and just refer to the strip sizes you'll need for each shape. 

For example, for the Linnéa Petals, you'll need fabric pieces that are 2-1/4" wide. 


If you want to make a bigger quilt, then just reuse the papers as you go and keep on building your rows and/or columns! 


The sew along is starting on August 22nd, 2023!

If you've jumped on the whole quilt project, awesome! The sew along will take you step by step through the process from basting to sewing the pieces together.

You're welcome to sew along and hang out on the lives even if you're not making the Linnéa quilt or a few flowers this time around! It's always been fun just to meet up at a certain time so we can all hang out virtually and work on various projects. Plus, there's always a tip or trick that might be shared that's helpful for everybody!

So I have good news and bad news. 

Good news is that there are quite a few other projects coming with the Linnéa templates....all will be revealed later this year/early next year (crossing my fingers) and as a result I've got some bad news too.

Bad news is that for the time being, there will not be a downloadable version available. That's not to say it isn't possible for the future, but I can't promise anything yet. Hopefully I'll be able to share more about the other projects soon! (think beyond paper pieces....hint hint)

But, there are variety packs available in the shop so you don't have to commit to a whole quilt and can still have some Linnéa fun! 

Get the Linnéa Flower variety pack HERE. 

Get the Linnéa Edge variety pack HERE. 

Acrylic template sets can be found HERE with 1/4" SA and 3/8" SA.  





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