Dilly Flower templates and Dilly Edge templates are almost ready to go out into the world!

I say almost ready, because technically  they've been ready and it's become this daily routine now where I check to see if my vendor in NY is open again. But no. *sadness* I do try to stick with one vendor to stay consistent in quality and color but I've had to resort to ordering supplies from a CA vendor, but unfortunately they don't carry our signature color pink acrylic, so clear it is. At least we'll be able to have it all listed in the shop soon! Woohoo!

Oh and speak of shop....we're currently in the middle of researching and trying to decide between BigCartel and Shopify. What are your opinions on the two market places? From all the reading we've done, it seems like Shopify has got more bells and whistles, but one thing that we've still got to read over more carefully is how they calculate and handle all the different state taxes and VAT...That is the perk with Etsy, they do all that for you....Sooooo if you have any tips, it'd be appreciated! 

So, why so quiet lately you ask? Well, I (Elise) have been busy building out the membership site and also getting a handle on the whole eco system of Facebook. Oh yeah, realized pages and groups had been set up wrong so I've been renaming, cleaning up and deleting left and right, but I'm finally getting a handle on the situation (I tell myself that so I don't feel hopeless). 

Oh, and I also set up a TikTok account. Cuz' apparently that's the new hip place to hang out on social. But there isn't anything on my account there yet because I haven't really figured out if I want to create content for another social media outlet yet or not. I'll be checking it out in the next few weeks to get a feel for it and I'll let you know what I think. 

Ok, that's just a little of what's been going on here behind the scenes and I can't wait to share my experience at a virtual conference that I attended this past weekend. It was a great experience and I'll go more into detail next week or so. Ah, speak of Dilly flowers....got a Dilly flower project coming soon with a twist. Can't wait to show you all! 


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