Learn Adobe Illustrator to design professional quilt patterns. 

Turn your sketches into beautiful and professional quilt patterns that reflect your style to grow and scale your creative business with confidence.

Adobe Illustrator gives you complete creative freedom to design patterns you love. 


Using Adobe Illustrator is the most effective way to design professional quilt patterns that are individual and a reflection of you. 

  • Learn the necessary tools you need to know to design patterns in Ai from start to finish! Spoiler alert, you don't have to learn everything there is in Ai!
  • Learn how to set up a master template so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you have a new pattern to release!
  • Start growing and scaling your creative business with professionally designed quilt patterns you are proud of!
  • Start marketing and selling your patterns with confidence!

The One Tool You Need To Start Writing and Designing Professional Quilt Patterns.

Adobe Illustrator. 


What you're getting inside the complete

Illustrator for Quilters Course: 

Illustrator for Quilter, or iQ for short, is a 6 module, step by step video training course that walks you through the steps of how to design professional quilt patterns in Adobe Illustrator with confidence.

The modules will be available as soon as you sign up and you will have LIFETIME ACCESS!

You'll can access the modules anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection, 24/7! 

  • Module 1: Setting up your quilt pattern design business for success - beginning with the end in mind. Goal setting and planning your quilt pattern launch.
  • Module 2: Activating your Adobe Illustrator IQ! Learn the tools and features you'll need to design confidently. Set up your custom workspace and preferences. Learn which shortcuts will speed up your work process.¬†
  • Module 3: Expanding¬†your Adobe Illustrator IQ! Learn how to draw curves, abstract shapes and how to import fabric swatches, color swatches and utilize different brushes and effects for visual impact. Learn how to draft applique templates, English paper piecing templates, Foundation paper piecing templates. Set up templates with and without seam allowance. Learn how to work with templates that are bigger than a traditional paper size. (Letter, A4)¬†
  • Module 4: Master templates and branding. Learn how to set up a template you can use and reuse for your patterns, saving you time and energy!¬†Learn what to include on a pattern, how to make a logo, font and color selection.
  • Module 5: Drafting and writing your pattern.¬†Learn how to set up text boxes, piecing diagrams, fabric requirement charts and how to figure out quilt math. Formatting images for your patterns. To include or not include multiple mockups? Coloring sheets?¬†
  • Module 6: Launching your pattern. Learn the process to take a pattern from a working draft to a finalized pattern ready to release into the world! What should you charge for your pattern? How should you promote it? When should you promote it? Where should you promote it?¬†
  • BONUS MODULE : How to set up a pattern template in InDesign!¬†

"You deserve to give yourself the chance to make your dreams come true as a professional quilt pattern designer, as an artist."


Why you can NO LONGER AFFORD to hold off on your dreams while you search all over the internet for free information!

  • how many potential pattern sales are you losing out on while surfing the internet for free information?
  • how much time have you wasted going down different paths on the internet trying to look up information?
  • how are you supposed to know what you don't know? 
  • how many times have you given up already because you had no support or anybody to turn to?
  • how close have you been to throwing away your dream of designing professional quilt patterns because it was too compllcated?
  • what are you holding back from the world by not sharing your creative dreams?
Make your dreams come true

"Time is the single most precious commodity in the universe."

Let me help you save the time of going all over the internet to search for bits and pieces of information. 

When I started there were no courses on the topic of using Adobe Illustrator to design professional quilt patterns.

Just looking at the program it was all so overwhelming that I didn't touch it for months at a time, frustrated I couldn't catch on fast enough or figure out the tools that I should be focused on.

Then there was the matter of trying to figure out what to focus on to maximize the launch of a pattern and how to go about promoting a new pattern release.

And yes, those things don't have to be complicated or overwhelming. With a step by step process you can rinse and repeat for each of your patterns, it makes it all so much easier and fun! Plus it saves you so much time and your sanity to be honest!

Precious time you can spend doing, oh dare I say, turning more of your sketches into actual pattern designs? 

Yep. Imagine that.  

ps. guess which movie that quote is from! 

"You may delay, but time will not." 

Benjamin Franklin



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  • Start building your quilt pattern design business - how much are you losing on every day spent wondering what if?¬†
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  • Start with a single payment of $575
  • Pursue your dreams - PRICELESS!
  • Start building your quilt pattern design business - how much are you losing on every day spent wondering if?
  • Online portal you can access 24/7!